Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dripping Glitter Nail Art

I have been wanting to uses this bright pink polish that my sister gave me a while ago and I hadn’t got around to using it yet so I thought it was time. I also have really been wanting to get some glitter on my nails recently as it’s been a while, so when I saw this manicure bye hello_glitter on Instagram I thought I would recreate it.

First i applied OPI chip skip to all my nails and a coat of Orly nail strong as my base coat.
Then on my thumb, pointer and pinkie I applied 3 coats of Chi Chi my bad witch is this amazing glitter mix in a black base with silver holographic hex glitter and larger oranges hexes that shift to a green at extreme angles.

On my middle and ring finger i applied 2 coats of this bright pink polish from some random brand. On top of that with my large dotting tool in Sally Hanson Black out i then made 3 dots of different height along my nails. Using my nail art brush i then drew a line connecting the dot to the tip of my nail, I then went back in and rounded and smoothed everything until i got my desired dripping look. I then went over the black with My bad to get the glitter drips.

I then applied Rimmle London Ultra shine as my top coat and i was done.

I love this look. It’s so sparkly especially in direct sunlight and the drips are so fun. I also got a lot of compliments on this look and it’s not even that hard.

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