Monday, 9 May 2016

First Polishes by Colour

Earlier I did a blog post on first polish by each notable brand that I own. In this post I want to talk about each polish I got in the notable colour category, the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) as well as black, white and nude.

So first red is Natio nail colour in scarlet. I’ve talked about this red before, it’s amazing, opaque in one coat with a creamy formula, I’m nearly out if this and it makes me quite sad.

Orange is Rimmel London lasting finish- 053 apricot punch. This is nearly opaque in one coat, completely opaque in two. This is a nice medium orange, it is a light orange but it doesn’t lean coral or peach is definitely orange.

Yellow polish is hard to find and hard to make well. Therefore the first yellow I own is the green envy polish with no brand name on it. It’s just a random cheap brand that I was given. It has a slight green tone to it but it is still pastel yellow. This needs three coats to be completely opaque but if I’m using it as a base for other nail art I will only do 2 because I’m lase and I can cover up any ball spots.

My first green was Rimmel London lasting finish- 045 misty jade which is a slightly blue toned green. This needs two coats to be opaque and has a smooth formula.

My first blue was actually a navy that I brought to match a dress LA girl magnetic nail polish. Now the magnetic properties of this polish are questionable. The idea is that you put the polish on and then hold a magnet over it and then black lines will appear in the polish. The thing is you have to work quickly, apply a thick layer of polish and hold the magnet really close it you nail without actually toughing it to get this to actually work. However as a normal polish its OK. It’s a bit thick now but I have had it for a very long time.

And purple. This one isn’t a straight cream, its Orly color blast - indigo color flip. This is a dark purple base with small purple flakes in it that shift to a gold/green colour at an angle. This is such a pretty polish and I love wearing it. It’s opaque in two coats with a slightly thin formula.

Now that we have gone through the hole rainbow onto the notable other colours. White. Chi chi salon formula - single white female is my first and only white polish (I do have striping white polish but that not a straight white). I love this white and I don’t know how I would do nail art without it. It’s completely opaque in two coats but if I’m doing it as a base of other colours its opaque enough that I only have to do one coat underneath.

For black it was Sally Hansen xtreme wear - 370 black out as this is a cheap straight black that can be used in any situation and is opaque in one coat.

And finally the first nude colour I owned was Rimmel London 60 seconds - 500 caramel cupcake. This is a little darker than my natural skin colour but other than that it matches very well and it looks so flattering when I have this on. It is also grate for faces when doing nail art. This claims to be opaque in one coat but I find that is a bit streaky so I usually have to do two coats and the formula is a bit thick, however this is still one of my favourite polishes.

So that’s all the polishes I owned first from each colour group. I hope you found this interesting.

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