Sunday, 24 April 2016

Mike/ Mutt MotorCity nail art

My best friend and I love this show called Motorcity, it want very popular and only ran for one season in 2012 but it was so good that I still love it. Short version the burners led by mike drive in cars trying to protect Motorcity from Kane who wants to destroy it as he can’t control Motorcity.
So in the past I’ve done nail art based on all three of the five burners but not there leader mike. I’ve put it off so long as I dint have the right shade of green but I’m visiting my friend so I decided I would have to make do with what I have.

So first off I applied OPI chip skip and Orly color care nail strong to all my nails as my base coat.
My thumb was inspired by the car mutt. First I applied max factor glossfinity - 63 vivacio lime and a top coat to help it dry. I then left it for about 20 minutes (while I did my other nails) then came back in with Sally Hansen’s black nail art pen. First I dotted in where I wanted each letter and then I wrote drew on the letters.
(not my images) 
Next I was inspired my mikes jacket with the black and orange details so I painted my nail black with Sally Hansen xtreme wear - 370 black out then drew on white stripes with my white striper by LA colors art deco to make the orange pop. I then when over the white with the orange polish Rimmel London lasting finish- 053 apricot punch
On my middle finger I attempted to draw the Burners logo. First I painted the base of vivacio lime then drawing the white with the white LA colors art deco striper the adding a dot of orange on top and then a smaller dot of white on top of the orange.
On my ring finger I was inspired my mikes weapon the spark stick. i painted the silver outline first then went around the silver with the white striper as a base to make the blue chi chi salon formula polish pop. I think that this nail would of looked better if I went around the silver with black but at the time I thought that it would clash too much.
Then finally on my pink I was inspire by the black stripes on mutt. So I painted my nail with vivacio lime then created a thick black line to one side of my nail with Sally Hansen xtreme wear - 370 black out. I then went back over the black stripe with vivacio lime as this polish is so opaque it can be put straight onto the black and will completely cover it in one coat.
To finish this manicure I put a coat of Rimmel London finishing touch as a glossy top coat to compete the look.

So I love this design. It brings together my favourite show, an idea I had in my head for a long time and nearly completes by burner nail set I’ve only got one more to go, chuck so keep your eyes open for that. These are the previous nail art looks I’ve done inspired for motor city below in case you’re interested. In order they are Julie, Dutch and Texas inspired nails.

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