Sunday, 17 April 2016

Jelly Sandwich Nails

So I watch jenny Clear Fox and MissHollyBerrys YouTube video on jelly sandwich nails and a year ago I tried to do it too. As you can see from the photo I chose a jelly and a cream polish that I thought it would be sheer enough to do this with and it didn’t really work. Recently I decided to try it again as I had this pink jelly polish that I hadn’t used yet.

So what is a jelly sandwich? You ask. Well it’s when you jelly polishes with a glitter topper to create a look with glitter inside the polish. Usually you put two layer of jelly polish down, then a chunky glitter and the finally another layer of jelly, however you can mix it up with creams on the bottom or micro glitters.

So fist I had to choose the colours I wanted to use. Now shockingly you have to use jelly polishes for this. Now choosing jelly is actually harder than I first thought as shown my first attempt. A jelly is a polish that on its first coat has colour but you can see through it. You can see your nail line and another markings on your nails. They usually take three coats to become opaque, sometimes more.  A good thing to do is to test you the jelly sandwich on either a nail wheel or on tows. For this attempt I chose to use a cheap pink jelly polish by colour couture nail polish that I was given and never used, and Sally Hansen triple shine drama sheen.

Now onto the actual manicure. As always I applied OPI chip skip then a layer of Orly color care nail strong as my base coat. I then applied two coats of drama sheen to my ring finger and two coats of the colour couture nail polish to all other fingers.
I then borrowed OPI blush hour from my friend. This is a pink and purple hex glitter with smaller silver hex glitter and very small blue hex glitter in a pink tinted base. I applied one coat of this to all fingers. The base on this polish is tinted so make sure you cover the whole nail in the base otherwise the colour will be different when you layer the next jelly on top. I dint do a very good job of this on some nails and you can definitely tell.
Then then added another layer of the jelly polish on top to create the effect that the glitter was inside the polish, so the colour couture nail polish to all except my ring finger which I put drama sheen on it.
I then added Rimmel London finishing touch to all fingers as my top coat.
Now this has a total of six layers of polish on it. So it take a while to dry. I dint let it dry long enough before starting to do other things and after I took this photo I smudged by pointer finger and on my other hand I smudged my thump and middle finger. So let it sit. I also think that the colour couture nail polish didn’t dry properly propyl due to it being so cheap which would be a contributing factor.

So overall I consider this a success as I do rather like the look this gives now that I have done it successfully and I dot to use the jelly polishes that otherwise don’t get a lot of use.

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