Friday, 13 November 2015

10 nail polishes everyone should have

Welcome everyone.
This is a post about the 10 nail polishes I think everyone should have (unless you’re not into nails for some reason)


 Let’s get the basics out of the way first. Base coat. Everyone should have a base coat as it helps strengthen your nails, prevent staining as well as make your polish last longer. The base I’m currently using is OPI’s Nail Envy. I got this mini as part of a free gift when I made a purchase form smelly cat this is one coat which is what I usually use for my base. Note that the instruction say to apply two layers, I’m just too lazy for that and it works fine for me

Another boring one, top coat. Top coat adds shine, makes your polish last longer and seals in your design, which is essential when doing nail art. This is one coat of my top coat Rimmel London finishing touch ultra-shine top coat. I purchased this from smelly cat and have been using this for about 4 months now. I love the wide brush that comes with it and its inexpensive as well.

We now have colour, kind of. A white polish is one of the most useful and most used polishes in my collection. I use white all the time in nail art for making a colour stand out over a dark colour or under sheer or bright colours. This is 2 coats of Chi Chi salon formula - single white female witch I purchased from Farmers I have been using this for over a year now and use it almost every second manicure for something.

Back. Just a straight black for nail art is used all the time for out lining, backgrounds, patterns etc., it is definitely a must have. This is one coat of sally hansen xtreme wear - 370 black out witch I purchased from smelly cat This is a straight inexpensive black that is perfect for all needs, the only down side is that the bottle is rather small at only 11.8 ml

So close to colour. Nude. Everyone should have a good nude. It doesn’t have to perfectly match your skin but a nude is classy and simple that even when it chips, you can where it for a bit longer as it is so hard to see the chips. This is two coats of Rimmel London 60 seconds - 500 caramel cupcake witch I purchased from smelly cat This polish claim to be a one coater but in my experience it can be a bit streaky so I usually need two and the polish is thick. However I lover the wide brush and the colour so I will forgive it.

Bright, sexy red. For that pop of attention grabbing colour you can’t miss a good standard red. I have a mini Natio nail colour – scarlet witch I purchased on clearance form Farmers to match a dress (see number 10). I have almost used up this mini and would consider repurchasing, but I am unsure as where to find it so will have to see. This is a one coater and is just a straight up red that doesn’t lean orange or pink (witch I appreciate), however this polish does streak when using top coat if doing nail art.

A straight up green. Some may think of this as an unusual choice but green is useful in nail art and throughout the year, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day etc. Green is also used in nail art when doing any nature design such as flowers, trees, grass etc. So even if this is not my most used polish I think Green is a key colour to have. This is two coats of max factor glossfinity - 63 vivacious lime witch I purchased on clearance from Farmers This colour does have a slight silver shimmer in it but it hardly shows up on the nail. It also claims to last up to seven days, I have not experienced it lasting anywhere near that long, but my nails chip rather easily.

Getting to the exciting polishes now. Chunky glitter topper. Glitter toppers are used by everyone, as a full manicure, an accent nail or as a feature in nail art they look stunning. This is one coat of a polish by coral colours (over LA girl magnetic nail polish in navy blue ) , I don’t know the name and it was gifted to me so I don’t know where it is from (sorry)  but I like the gold bar glitter with the holographic shift. I have had this for probably 3 years now and it’s rather thick now, so I don’t use it as often anymore, but it’s had a good life

Micro glitter. If you thought glitter toppers were eye catching weight until you see a micro glitter, you won’t be able to stop looking nails, especially in sunlight. These can be a pain to remove but are totally worth it and you will get lots of compliments on it. This is Rimmel London precious stones - 001 Diamond dust witch I got as part of a free gift from smelly cat This is probably one of my favourite out of all my polishes and would highly recommend this polish if you can find it. This dosnt photograph well but it is a clear base with black and silver micro glitter and larger silver holographic hex glitter. It also has the wide brush that Rimmel London does witch I love and is opaque in two coats.


And finally number ten is rather personal, a polish that matches a dress you own perfectly. Therefore whenever you go out and where that dress your nails are already sorted and look fabulous. I have two examples of this a mini Natio nail colour – scarlet (see number 6) and an LA girl magnetic nail polish in navy blue (don’t know the real colour name). As I talk about the Natio in number 6 this is going to focus on the LA Girl navy. I brought the LA girl magnetic nail polish 3 years ago form a chemist and although the magnetic abilities are a bit hit and miss, and the formula can be streaky, thick (especially 3 years on) and stains my nails, this is a gorgeous colour that matches a dress i own perfectly therefore it is kept around.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I’ll see you next time.

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