Sunday, 10 April 2016

Geometric triangle nails

I have been seeing a lot of these triangle styed nails around recently and decided to give it a go myself.
 I decided to use chi chi salon formula -sophisticated sassy as I haven’t used this polish in a long time and decided it was time to try it out again and this random sheer nude colour from models prefer because I haven’t actually used it yet.

Ok so first I applied OPI chip skip as I always do as it helps my mini last longer then Orly color care nail strong as by base coat.
i knew I wanted to use tape to create straight lines for the triangles. Now I don’t have any nail vinyls but a hack to get around this is to used regular tape and stick it on the back of your hand a few times so that its less sticky then cut out the space you want, in this case triangles. I then stuck these to the side of my desk and continued paining my nails.
I then applied three cotes of the models prefer polish. I knew that it was going to be sheer going into this design but it is very sheer, in three coats you can still quite easily see my nail line (as show my ring finger) but it’s does have a very strong pink shimmer in it which does kind of distract form it (maybe?). Any way mixed feelings about this colour.
I then applied top coat to all my nails and let that dry.  
I then put the tape stencils on my nails and painted the sophisticated sassy polish on top. For my ring finger I used the cut out section of the triangle instead of the stencil to create the inverse look.
I then applied Rimmel London finishing touch as my top coat to all my nails and I was done.

The sophisticated sassy needs two coats to be completely even and the same colour as in the bottle and I only did one coat. That’s why you can see patches where it’s darker on some nails and I probably should have doe another coat to avoid that. However it is still an amazing colour with shredded micro glitter in it that really compliments the pink shimmer in the models prefer polish.

Over all this is a simple design that is still really pretty. I have been thinking about doing this design for a couple of weeks now so it’s good to finally have it on my nails.

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