Monday, 4 April 2016

First polishes

 So I was watching NailpolishBabyyNinety on youtube and she mentioned doing a first polish from each brand in her collection video, and I thought that it was a very good idea and so decided to do a blog post in that style.
Keep I’m mind my collection is relatively small (70 ish polishes) and that I’m only doing brans that I think people will recognises, I’ve got some polishes from random cheap brands that I’m not including in this post.

So the first legit nail polish I brought was chi chi salon formula - single white female. I brought this when I decided to stop using my sister’s nail polish and start buying my own. I was already into nail art and I didn’t like the white nail polish she used (I like never dried) so I got my own white. This polish is opaque in 2 cotes for me and has a nice smooth formula and it actually drive!

The next brand I tried was Orly. I wanted a strengthening base coat as my nails are always pealing and breaking so I got Orly color care nail strong. I did like using this as a base coat and I am getting the last of it you using one of the empty bottles I brought a while ago (see my empty nail polish bottles blog post). It didn’t stop may nails from pealing or breaking but I think it has made a difference in the health of my nails.

The next brand I tried was Natio nail colour. I brought this polish as it was on clearance and I needed a red that matched a dress I was going to where to an event, so I picked up Natio nail colour – scarlet. This is such a nice red polish. It is opaque in one coat and I’m nearly out as I brought a mini polish and I don’t know what I’m going to do about it. I would highly recommend this polish if you can find it as the red doesn’t lean any other colour, its not pink or orangey, just red.

The next brand I tried was Sally Hansen with their big shiny top coat. I don’t have a photo of this one as got rid of it last year as it was so thick after a year of use (see my decluttering blog post).  At the start I did like this top coat but it did always have a few bubbles in in when it dried so.. I’m not going to repurchase it.

I ordered a bunch of polishes from smelly cat a couple of years ago and in that I got my first three Rimmel London polishes, Diamond dust, Misty jade and Apricot punch. Misty jade and Apricot punch are beautiful straight cream colours that are opaque in two coats. Diamond dust is one of (if not my most) favourite nail polishes I have. It’s a black and silver micro glitter in a clear base with larder holographic hexes in it and it’s so sparkly, pretty and eye catching in only 2 coats.
My only complain about theses polishes is that there only 8ml bottles, I have minis the same size as that. But the bottles do come with some of the nice brushes I have ever used there nice and wide so you can cover most of your nail in one stroke and easily get an even coverage.

63 vivacio lime is still my only max factor nail polish simply due to the price. I got this one on clearance and I was looking for a straight green. This is does have a slight silver shimmer to but nothing major.

My first OPI was there Matte top Coat. I was using my sisters Matte top coat from chi chi and we found that it stopped being matte after a couple of days but I really liked the look of matte nails, so my sister decided to give me OPI matte top coat for Christmas. I love it, this one doesn’t fade after a couple of days but you do need to put down a clear coat of nail polish before using this over nail art as it will streak it.

I was given my only bottle of Loreal Paris nail color last year in the colour paparazzi pleaser which is a straight purple cream. I was actually quite happy about this as I didn’t have a straight purple, but then I tried it. It is so streaky with balled parches all over the show. I usually put down 2 -3 coats depending if I think I can get away with only 2 (usually I can’t) and it’s just hard to work with.

Last year I was also given my only nail polish from sinful colors in all about you which is a gold and bronze micro flaky, and it is so pretty, love it would recommend.

So that’s all the major brands I own and the first polish I got from all of them. I hope you found this interesting.

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