Saturday, 16 January 2016

Instagram account

So hay peps.

This is a quick post to about how my Instagram account is now UP TO DATE. So excite.
So when I got my Instagram account I was going to post daily until I had posted all my previous manicures and then post weakly after that when I did my new manicure of the week.

This posting daily idea lasted about a week and then I forgot. And I seemed like an impossible task to actually catch up to my current manicures. So I decided that this summer (southern hemisphere it’s currently summer for me) I would post daily and actually catch up. And a finally did it!

You can now find all my previous manicures (with the exception of some with terrible photos and 4 holiday themed ones that I’m saving) on my Instagram account space_cats_and_nail_art.
So here are my five most liked photos as of now (this post was missing some pictures).

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