Sunday, 31 January 2016

Empty nail polish bottles

So in my DIY cuticle oil post I talk about how I brought 6 empty nail polish bottles form digiflex on trade me, each with 6ml volume. Which is small but as it turns out just the right size for what I want.
The bottles that I got are hart shaped so are narrowest at the bottom, which makes sense to me so you waste as little product as possible. The bottles are also reasonably flat so you can easily stick a sticker on the front for a label.

As seen in my DIY cuticle oil post I used two of the bottles for DIY cuticle oil to gives a gifts to my friend and sister.

The next bottle I gave to my sister who had just finished her bottle of Natio top and base coat witch she really liked so i suggested that she tip the remaining polish at the very bottom into the empty smaller bottle to get some more life out of it. She did that and filled up the small bottle completely, stuck a label on it and is very happy with this.

When I made cuticle oil I put it into my empty ORLY color care argon cuticle oil bottle. However to make it empty I checked the last of the original product into an empty lip gloss container, that was not  practical place for it so I transferred it to empty nail polish bottle number 4.

Bottle number five was used to put the last of my Base coat - Orly color care nail strong base coat in it so that I could also use the last of this (I’m almost out of base coat and don’t want to buy a new one)

The last bottle is currently still empty. I don’t actually have any plans for it yet so it will just stay empty until I think of some use for it or I use up some other polish and I want to rescue the last of it.

So in this process I gained 2 large empty bottles, the now empty top coat and base coat bottles and I’m going to hang onto them as the small bottles has proved so useful.

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