Sunday, 7 February 2016

Matte neon pink leopard print nails

So after seeing a lot of leopard print nails on Pinterest I’ve been thinking about doing another leopard print manicure for a while. Then I was thinking about what colours to do and this neon pink that my friend gave me popped into my head as I haven’t used it yet, and my sister had this shredded flaky glitter polish that I’ve bean wanting to uses. And then the inspiration keeps coming as I remembered seeing a YouTube video by Jenny Claire Fox called Matte Nail Art♥ Three Easy Ideas!  in it she put a matte top coat over a shredded glitter. And all these elements came together to create this look.

The shredded glitter in L.A. COLORS Flash POP! In Flashing lights is terrible. First off the polish is very thick like jelly and is very hard to move around and because it’s so thick it dries with lots of bubbles in it witch distracts from the actual look and to top it off the glitter particles are rather sparse so I had to do some fishing and placing to get enough glitter particles on my nails even with two coats. I would not recommend this polish and if you recreate this look use any other shredded glitter not this one I was very disappointed in it.

First I applied OPI chip skip to help adhere the nail polish
Next I applied OPI nail envy as my base coat to strengthen my nails
Then I added 2 coats of MIKI No. 1 as the base colour on all my nails
Next I added imperfect blue dots on my pointer and middle finger with the lightly loaded nail polish brush
I then added 2 coats of the shredded glitter from the duo L.A. COLORS Flash POP! In Flashing lights on my thumb, ring and pink finger
Then going back to my pointer and middle finger I outlined incompletely the blue dots in Sally Hansen xtreme wear - 370 black out.
I then added a clear nail polish form Chi Chi to the middle and pointer finger to stop the design streaking with the matte top coat
I then added OPI matte top coat to all my fingers to finish the look

I like how bright and eye catching this look is how ever I do have a complaint about one of the polishes.

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