Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Nail polish staircase DIY

I have been looking for a better way to store my nail polishes. I have a collection of 54 bottles (judge me if you want) and they don’t fit on the shelf that they were on as well as I’m moving and can’t take the shelf with me. So I searched for a DIY project to make your own nail polish staircase and found this video by gurl.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WlXNymASck this seemed to be the best tutorial/instructions out there but it wasn’t big enough for all my polishes and it was in inches. So I modified the instructions and this is what I did to create by nail polish start case.

Foam board (I got mine form warehouse stationery)
Craft knife + cutting board
Super glue

Step 1:

Cut out 2 rectangles of foam board 40 x 15 cm for the base and back of the stair case

Step 2:

Cut out the steps that the nail polish will sit on. Each step decreases in length by 3 cm so cut out:
A 40 x 12 cm rectangle
A 40 x 9 cm rectangle
A 40 x 6 cm rectangle
A 40 x 3 cm rectangle

Step 3:

Cut out 8 legs for the steps. Each one 40 x 2.5 cm

Step 4:
Glue the base and back together to form an L shape

Step 5:
For each step glue a leg on either side of it to create table shaped pieces

Step 6:
Starting with the largest step. Glue this to the L shaped base and back
Then glue each smaller step on top of the previous step

Step 7:

Once the glue is dry put all your nail polishes on it and you’re done

Each row in my staircase holds 13- 14 nail polishes therefore can hold approximately 65 polishes in total so I have room to grow. The staircase sits nicely on my dresser and looks tidy. This is a worthwhile DIY and it only cost me $18 (that’s NZD by the way)

So I had some foam board left over that’s just been sitting around and there were some cavities in the sides of the stair case so I decided to make some draws to go on the sides.

Step 8:
Measure the length of the cavity and cut a piece of foam board into a rectangle with side length slightly smaller than this with depth of your choice (I did 10cm deep) for the base of the draw.

Step 9:
Measure the height of the cavity and cut a piece of foam board into a rectangle of a height 7mm smaller than and length of the rectangle dimensions this for the sides of the draw.

Step 10:
Glue theses together to form a box with hot glue or super glue ( I used hot glue) and glue a large bead to the front for the handle

Step 10:
Repeat steps 8-10 if you want more draws.

step 11:
glue a long thin piece of foam board to the front of your stair case to prevent polishes sliding forwards.

Step 12:

Slot draws into the cavity and you have a completed nail polish stair case with draws.

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