Sunday, 6 March 2016

Collective nail polish haul

So, sometimes Things happen and then more nail polish ends just up in my house. It’s a problem. So here’s a small collective nail polish hall.

At the start of January I went shopping with my sister and we made the mistake of going into farmers and they had heaps of nail polish on clearance so be brought 2 bottles each.

The first polish I got was Chi Chi my bad witch is a black jelly base with 2 small sizes of silver hex glitter and larger orange hex glitter that flashes green at extreme angles. I’ve had my eye on this polish for a while now and though I might as well pick it up on sale.

The other polish from farmers is Rimmel London salon pro in the colour punk rock witch is a dark greyed out purple crème. This is such a cool colour and I didn’t have anything like it. It does look black or grey on your nails in low light.

My friend had a Birthday and I brought her some stamping things from bundle monster and while there I got myself a scraper and stamper that I haven’t tried yet but will at some point.

It was also my birthday recently and my friend got me some nail stickers, which are all super cute.
The first one is from Glossy Blossom Premium look in sweetheart, which are white and this dark grey purple colours with hart, dots and lace patterns. Look out for these in an upcoming manicure. This also comes with a trimming file (see the next one for the photo).

The next one is form the same line, Glossy Blossom Premium, but in a style with an unknown name! (Yay) any way they are a white and black polka dot on half the nail and light blue on the other with a row of silver studs separating the 2 halves. It also has a trimming file as shown in the photo this time.

And the last one is from Glossy Blossom 2 in 1 cover on nails in the pattern star cluster. I hove stars so this one’s going to be a winner. It has silver star patterns on a clear backing (that tan colour is just paper) so you can see your nails through the sticker (not full coverage like the last two). This once again comes with a trimming file (what am I going to do with all these trimming files?). 

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