Monday, 14 March 2016

DIY cuticle products

If you saw my post on DIY cuticle oil then you saw how I ran out of cuticle oil so followed a recipe to make some more for me and a couple of small bottles to give as gifts. Well I went through the oil that I made. So I decided to make some more DIY cuticle products.

So first up I looked on SheKnows and found a very simple recipe for Coconut Lavender Cuticle Balm. All you need to do is melt some coconut oil, add some lavender essential oil, and put in an empty lip gloss container and freeze it.  Easy as!
I followed the recipe and had enough to fill a large lip gloss gar that I got at a cheap store and partially fill a small empty lip gloss container. I then put out a sticker label for both of them and they are good to go.
As this is made of mostly coconut oil it WILL MELT in hot weather but you can always put it back in the fridge to make it solid again.

The second thing I did was make some more cuticle oil as I apparently eat the stuff. First of all I put a table spoon of coconut oil, a table spoon of extra vergin olive oil, a few drops of lemon essential oil and a few drops of peppermint oil in a glass. I then put this in direct sun light to melt the coconut oil completely and mixed it all together.
I then realised I had a lot of oil for my 11ml bottle so I cleaned out an empty nail polish bottle that used to have top coat in it (see my post on empty nail polish bottles) following the steps in the DIY forests you tube video How to Clean OutNail Polish Bottles.
Once I had dome that I then tipped the cuticle oil into both the bottles and still had some left! So the last of the oil went into my last 6ml empty hart shape nail polish bottle.
I then cut out sticker labels for all of the bottles of cuticle oil and stuck them on.

Links to cuticle oil recipes that I drew ideas from:

So I went a bit crazy making cuticle products this time so I should have enough to last me a while, well see though…
I am keen to try other cuticle cream recipes with bees wax or coco butter in future, so you can look out for those post in future. But will use up what I made this round first so you may have to wait a while.

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