Sunday, 20 March 2016

Nail stickers

Hi everyone,
As you may of scene in my recent haul post my friend Hayley got me 3 sets of nail stickers for my birthday. I have had sally hanson nail stickers before but not this Glossy Blossom brand. So I immediately wanted to give it a try.

First up I wanted to try the sweetheart stickers. I also brought some new OPI polish around the same time so wanted to use them as well so I peered the sweet heart sticker with OPIs Cosmo with a twist and this was the result.

 You can kind of tell from the photos that there are some bubbles in the sticker, because apparently I can’t do stickers properly.  For this design I tried to smooth them out with just my finger and it didn’t really work.
Also I find that nail sticker don’t really seem to last long these started pealing up on day 2 and by day 4 it was bothering me so much they I took all the stickers off.

The next design I tried was the pattern star cluster. These stickers are see though so the idea is that you can put a colour underneath. So I chose to put my new OPI Guys and galaxies which is a dark red/brown ox blood red colour which is so pretty. On my pinkie and ring I put a silver stud in the center of my nail and silver dots on either side. 
This design I pushed down with an orange stick, but even though I waited like 30 minutes before I put the stickers on the polish seeped up under the bubbles and got pushed out when I tried to smooth them out so there are some lighter under some of the stickers. But overall I think there were a few less bubbles
This design started pealing up on day 1. This may be due to me cleaning the kitchen that day but I still wasn’t impressed. However as most of the stick was clear I could cut off the pealing up part and it not affect the silver stars usually, it just looks like I have got chipped nails.

The final set of stickers I got was this blue and white polka dot design (it doesn’t seem to have a name) I peered this with a blue and white gradient. The blue I used looked a lot closer to the blue on the stickers on the bottle than on my nails, but what can you do about it?
First I applied OPI chip skit to all my nails to remove any oils on my nails. I then applied the stickers to my thumb, pointer and middle fingers. I tried to make sure that there were no bubbles at the tips of my nails to ty and make then last longer but the trade off as you can see is that there are some bigger bubbles on the sides and base of my nails now. My nails are just too curved for them to sit nicely! I then applied some top cote on top of the ticker which I haven’t done previously. The instructions don’t say to do this so I haven’t in the past but I thought I would give it a go and see if they last better.
I applied my base cote Orly color care nail strong and two coats of chi chi salon formula in blue to my ring and pinkie finger then applied more blue and chi chi salon formula - single white female onto a piece of sponge and then dabbed it onto these nails to create the gradient. This don’t show up very well on camera but trust me there ae is definitely two colours there. Then added my top Rimmel London finishing touch.

So my final thoughts on the nail stickers are this. They are really pretty and a fast and easy way to get intricate designs on your nails. However they only last a couple of days at best and don’t stand up to any hard work like doing the dishes well. They also are hard to get to lie flat for me, I think this is due to how curved my nails are as I always got bubbles no matter how I tried to smooth them out. So I will uses up the ones I’ve got but I don’t think I will buy more when I love doing free hand designs more and they last longer.

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